Initial Meeting

We want to meet you and find out what you need in the way of growing your business. We like to work with our clients in person, so if you're located within an hour's drive of the Triangle (North Carolina) area, we'll visit you at your place of business or make arrangements for meeting location. If you are in Southern Virginia or upper South Carolina, we may opt to do the initial meeting by video chat instead.


After the Discovery Meeting, you will decide if you would like to take the next step in working with our team, which is going through our Assessment Process. We will pay you another visit or two - this time in person for sure - and take a deeper dive into the following areas or your business:

1- Goals, Plans & Management Approach

2- Marketing (Online and Offline)

3- Customer Experience (Relationship Management and Community Building)

4- Sales Process (Effectiveness, Execution, Followup)

5- Operations (Execution and Productivity)

6- Continuous Improvement (approach and effectiveness)

Results Report

A week or so after we take you through our assessment questions, we will have a preliminary Assessment Results Report ready for your review. If we are on the right track, we will complete the Assessment Results Report and deliver it to you. In the completed report, we will identify areas where your business is performing well and areas that are not performing so well.

Improvement Opportunities Presented

For those areas that aren't doing so well, we will present improvement opportunities with actionable steps that you can take to improve specific areas of your business. There will be multiple opportunities in your report. Together, we will select which ones to undertake.